Comparing a Clock to the Number Line

I’m working on a new blog, Game Building Basics.

In the blog I’m trying to go back to the first days of learning to program games.  I had so many questions and there were so few resources.  It took me forever to learn about trigonometry and its uses.

Going through college  and pre-calc really helped a lot.

My sister-in-law teaches grade school and when I was asking her about helping me with a blog post about the number line she mentioned that students in third grade have to be taught to see the clock as just another number line.

One of the things I like doing on the new blog is making small javascript visuals so that’s what I did.  You can see the numberline clock along with an analog and a digital clock here: Number Line Clock.

I’m looking forward to making more animations.  The clock is a work in progress.  I need to rewrite the code, add comments and write an introduction for the clock.

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